Texas Driving Safety Course
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What You'll Learn

The more you know, the safer you'll be on the road. And the helpful defensive driving tips you'll learn in our great comedy course will help you to avoid a run-in with the law—or another vehicle.

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National Safe Driver Program includes useful, practical information about:

So…It's Funny?

Education experts will fuss a lot about using humor to "hold students' attention" and "facilitate information retention." But, let's face it, you're really on our site because you want to have a GREAT time while you attend traffic school. We'll keep you entertained, and the time will fly by as our hilarious course has you laughing while you learn. We know that you could take any old traffic safety course; but you want the one that you can "cruise" through, not one that "drives" you crazy!

How It Works

Upon registration, you may start this online course immediately. The engaging, professionally designed, easy-to-read text is filled with colorful illustrations, interactive exercises, and compelling video clips. And our hilarious traffic-related jokes will have you laughing while you learn. The course provides six hours of instructional time, but you can finish the course at your own pace by signing in and out as you need to (after completing a chapter).

In order to successfully complete the course, you must pass a short, cumulative final exam. It's just 30 simple questions about basic safe-driving concepts. Plus, each chapter of the reading material is followed by a short quiz to help you prepare for the final exam. It couldn't be any easier!

When You're Done

After you complete the course, we'll issue an official Certificate of Completion that you can present to your insurance provider, court, or licensing authority. Your Certificate of Completion is mailed out to you the business day following your pass date; expedited shipping options are available. You may also order duplicate certificates by contacting our friendly customer service department.

(If you intend to use this course to claim an insurance discount or to mask a traffic citation or the associated points from your driving record, check with your insurance representative, court, or licensing authority to confirm that this course will meet their requirements.)


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